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“We care about how You will live tomorrow, that’s why we pay a lot of attention to quality, ecological and modern solutions”, - UAB „BRP Invest“(Ltd.)

Caring about environment:

Sunny precinct, cozy children’s playground, forest park just beside of the forest.

Perfectly developed infrastructure:

200 meters off the school, kindergarten, and Vilnius vocational school. Major trade centers AKROPOLIS, OZAS and Vichy water park are situated within 5 minutes of walking distance. You will comfortably, easily and quickly reach the city center both by public and personal transport.

Caring about safety:

All residential complex area is fenced and monitored by video camera surveillance. Every flat is equipped with a digital camera surveillance system, allowing seeing Your car parking area, entrance to the underground car park, house entrance hall and children’s playground.

For Your convenience:

Each flat is designed in such a manner to get direct sunlight and has a comfortable balcony/deck, oriented to the sunny side (R, PR, P, PV, V). There is a possibility of having the kitchen linked with the family room or on the contrary – to have it separated. There are no partition walls within the flat which creates a possibility for free re-planning.

Modern, ecologic and energy-saving solutions:

  • Hot water supply by means of a vacuum solar energy collector.
  • Collector heating system with a separate flat mechanical (not electronic) tracking, which helps to easily regulate the heating in Your house and provides accurate tracking control.
  • There is a possibility to illuminate communal areas with the help of solar heating systems using modern energy-efficient lightbulbs or LED technology.
  • Each flat has a possibility to install cooling/heating - air conditioning system.
  • Outer walls of ceramic blocks setting “WIENERBERGER” have 20 cm heat insulation depth.
  • Ventilated front elevation is made of durable natural stone.
  • All inner walls of ceramic blocks setting have high noise proofing between the flats.
  • Preparatory floor layer has 70 mm noise proofing depth.
  • Ventilated facade parts made of longevous natural stone. 
  • Between-apartment walls with additional 50 mm sound insulation.
  • Vertical shafts of engineering systems with additional 50 mm sound insulation.
  • Lift-shafts are at maximum distance from the apartment walls.
  • Modern and advanced “KONE” elevators from underground parking to all living floors are provided.